Cliffstone has a rich pattern with strong veins and undulations, which create endless designs. Available in three colour options which complement the design. With its durable 2 cm thickness, it is suitable for outdoor settings with a strong aesthetics, to which it gives movement and robustness.    


Savannah is substance, structure and nature, a clever mix for a dynamic stone-effect collection, whose pebbles and deep veins are its strength. Made of five colors, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.   Australian Pendulum test  

Tuscany Carrara

Tuscany Carrara is an elegant marble looking collection, recalling the beautiful Tuscany marble quarries. With its sophisticated and soft touch, it gives the setting a unique and smooth atmosphere. Available in two finishes, it is suitable for indoor use.  


Terra range embodies all the beauty of the classic terracotta effect, but with a modern and unique rustic touch. Its five warm colors confer an enveloping and familiar atmosphere, perfect for all tastes.    


Multistone is a collection available in one colour but with two thicknesses. Its pattern is made of veins and scratches which create a strong design, suitable for outdoor and indoor settings, to which it gives movement and robustness.    


Modern soul and marble looking: the perfect MIX for a great collection. Mix range is made of 3 cold colors, and multiple finishes, suitable for indoor and outdoor. The mix of various veinings and scratches confers elegance and strength at the same time.    


With a clever choice of colors, Pietra range boasts a simple but functional and timeless design. Its small speckles and delicate veins result in a soft stone pattern, usable inside and outside.    


Nature has always been the inspiring muse of high-quality design tiles. As it is for Riverstone, which really seems to be picked up from the clear waters of a river, and whose veinings and indentation are its strength. Made in two colors, it is produced in three different finishes, for indoor and outdoor. Australian Pendulum…