Exedra Cross Cut Travertine

The peculiarity of Exedra Travertine lies in its versatility, characterized by the combination of the classicism of travertine marble with the modernity of natural stone effect. This design allows to create warm and cozy environments, without giving up taste and elegance.    

Classic Terrazzo

A refined and delicate line, that combines the elegance of marble and the irregularity and casuality of the chips. A perfect bond that adapts to every kind of environment thanks to the variety and creativity of the texture, marked out by different colours and dimensions for a unique and timeless style.

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold embodies the appeal and refinement of natural marble, paired with the convenience of gres. The vein patterns are strong, in mineral and earthy colours: the result is a tile with great visual impact, a real designer piece.    


A stunning stone-effect with great visual impact: the design of Ferrara is powerful, with a strong vein pattern creating a tridimensional effect on the surface. The grey tones and elaborate features are perfect for luxurious, textured and fascinating surfaces.    


Galaxi features a delicate design, resulting in a soft, harmonious surface. The faint colour variations pair perfectly with the light design of the veins and specks, producing a natural stone look. The colour range is subdued, perfect for cosy yet modern spaces.


A stunning stone-effect tile, with natural colours and rich details. Bulgaria features subtle colour variations for a tridimensional effect, paired with linear white veins. This product is perfect for modern, elegant spaces.