Time range is a beautiful stone look collection, made of two cold greys. Its icy and foggy pattern recalls a mountain environment, ideal for modern and minimal settings and conveying peace and order. Two matchable thicknesses available, for inside and outside.  


The scandinavian and minimalist look of Firestone is easily visible. Its winding pattern is enriched by the undulated veins, creating endless designs. Available in a wide color palette, it is usable for indoor spaces.  


Majorca represents a modern and gentle wall tiles collection, featuring stylish colors but with a vintage touch. Its shade variation makes it a one-of-a-kind range, perfect for any cozy indoor place.      


Dolomites range is a ceramic stone with an elegantly natural soul, reminiscent of the Italian classical constructions. Available in four colors, it meets the requirements of both indoor and outdoor spaces.      


Soft sandy pattern and veinings, stone fragments and four natural nuances: Ardex features a stony base with a minimalist look, perfect for indoor cozy spaces.        


Alba is a timeless design, featuring small speckles and gentle veins. The stone effect has a modern personality, complemented by the four color options and multiple sizes available, making it a versatile and dynamic collection.        


Cimone range recalls all the astonishing beauty of the northern Italy mountain, from which it is inspired: its pattern is made of speckles, decorated with light veins to create movement. The color range is modern yet natural, with a three-dimensional touch.          


Cliffstone has a rich pattern with strong veins and undulations, which create endless designs. Available in three colour options which complement the design. With its durable 2 cm thickness, it is suitable for outdoor settings with a strong aesthetics, to which it gives movement and robustness.