Multistone has a rich pattern with strong veins and undulations, which create endless designs. Available in four colour options which complement the design. With its durable 2 cm thickness, it is suitable for outdoor settings with a strong aesthetics, to which it gives movement and robustness.    


Modern soul and marble looking: the perfect MIX for a great collection. Mix range is made of 3 cold colors, and multiple finishes, suitable for indoor and outdoor. The mix of various veinings and scratches confers elegance and strength at the same time.    


With a clever choice of colors, Pietra range boasts a simple but functional and timeless design. Its small speckles and delicate veins result in a soft stone pattern, usable inside and outside.    


Nature has always been the inspiring muse of high-quality design tiles. As it is for Riverstone, which really seems to be picked up from the clear waters of a river, and whose veinings and indentation are its strength. Made in two colors, it is produced in three different finishes, for indoor and outdoor. Australian Pendulum…


Bricks is a brand-new and vibrant range, covering a rich variety of colors and a glossy and matt finish. From the deepest blue tones of the ocean, to the gentle and light shadows of yellow, green and grey, Bricks is the novel cladding that will give walls a fresh stylish explosion.        


The most natural beauty of stone, in all its many facets: this is what Ohio range represents. A beautiful series, which embodies all the strongness of stone and available in four colors and two finishes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The multiple sizes make this range perfect for any setting.        


A rich design available in four colors, recalling the natural shades of grey. As the name itself suggests, Cloudy takes inspiration from the beauty and majesty of the stormy skies. Its pattern and veins are purposely strong, making it a one-of-a-kind range, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.        


Easy range features four colors, with a simple and delicate yet trendy pattern. The small colored spots make this collection dynamic, in a modern stone-effect design.        


3 colors and one finish: Poland range boasts a minimal but refined design, characterized by a slightly structured surface that makes it unique. The stone effect, in a contemporary and light approach.          


Ardesia features three color variations, which recall the natural and timeless beauty of stone, to which is inspired. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor, it is also available in two thicknesses.