Privacy Policy


International MTC is committed to protect your privacy. This statement describes how we collect and use personal data online and offline:


Personal data is information which identify you as a natural person or refer to an identifiable natural person. We can collect and process the following personal data:

  • Personal contact details such as name, address, phone number and email address;
  • Company contact details i.e. company address, phone number and email address;
  • Data necessary to offer you services or products;
  • Comments and opinions you provide when contacting us directly via email, phone or letter;
  • Data regarding payments and transactions for invoicing purposes.


International MTC can collect personal data:

  • Through our website;
  • Through our social media;
  • Landing Page;
  • Through the exchange of emails;
  • When stipulating a contract and during the development of the following business relationship;


International MTC uses personal data for legitimate commercial purposes, such as:

  • The supply of products and services
    • To contact persons (including our customers’ employees) in relation to the supply of products and services.
    • To reply to enquiries received via an online contact form or else (e.g. general enquiries, suggestions, claims, product information or quotation requests).
    • To send administrative information, such as those regarding products, warranty, terms & conditions, and policies.

The processing of the personal data collected is intended to enable the business relationship, in addition to fulfilling the obligations set out by the law.

  • Sending of promotional communications
    • To send offers, newsletters, posts, and updates regarding products which you may find interesting.
    • To send information regarding products and other news which we think you would like to see

Considering that this activity is only targeted to legal persons and that, as a consequence, the personal data processed for marketing purposes are not those of identifiable natural persons, International MTC does not require any specific consent.

The right to reject promotional material is still granted, either by using the specific link at the bottom of each email sent by International MTC, or by contacting our company using the following address:

Regardless, International MTC will continue to send any administrative communication essential to the continuation of the contractual relationship.


The data collected by International MTC are accessible to:

  • Company employees, associates, and managers – who access data as authorised subjects, to conduct their assigned tasks;
  • third parties, service providers (such as, for example, the provider for the management and maintenance of our website and email, suppliers, lending institutions, firms, etc.) – which conduct outsourcing activities on behalf of International MTC, acting as outside managers of personal data processing.

Furthermore, International MTC can transmit the data collected to Surveillance Bodies, Judiciary Authorities, and to all the subjects to whom the communication is sanctioned by law. The above subjects will treat the relevant data acting as Controllers of data processing.


We store personal data for as long as it is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which they were collected, in conformity with existing laws and no longer than 10 years after the closure of the business relationship.


The processing of collected data is based on fairness, lawfulness and transparency and it is conducted using tools and procedures which avoid any risk of loss, unauthorised access or use, and unlawful sharing of data.


To the natural identified or identifiable persons, qualifiable as involved subjects, the European Law GDPR 679/2016 recognises the rights as per art. 15 GDPR. and, more precisely:

  • be informed by the Controller about any of their persona data that may be stored, even if it has not been processed yet, and the right to be notified in intelligible format;
  • obtain from the Controller the following information: a) the origin and category of said personal data; b) the purpose of data retention and processing and, if possible, the duration of the retention of personal data; c) the policy applied if data are processed with digital means; d) the identity information of the Controller, of the supervisor and of the appointed representative as per art. 3, paragraph 1, GDPR; e) the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be disclosed or that may access the data acting as appointed representative in the statal territory, as supervisor or as appointed person.
  • obtain from the Controller: a)the update, correction or, if requested, completion of your data; b) the elimination, the conversion to anonymous form or the block of data processed in violation of the law, including those whose storage is not necessary to the purpose for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; c) the statement that the operations described at a) and b) were communicated, including their content, to those to whom the data were transmitted or passed, except when this compliance shows to be impossible or requires means clearly excessive in regards to the safeguarded right;
  • oppose, completely or partially: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data about them, even if relevant to the purpose of collection; b) to the processing of personal data about them with the purpose of sending promotional or direct sale material, or of performing marketing research or sending business communications, with the use of automatic call systems without the action of an operator, with email and/or with traditional marketing methods via phone and/or mail. It should be noted that the right to oppose of the involved subject, previously stated at point b), for direct marketing purposes through these digital methods is extended to the traditional ones and the right to only oppose partially is still granted to the subject. Consequently, the involved subject may decide to receive communications only through traditional methods or only through digital methods, or neither of those types of communication.

Where relevant, the involved subjects are also granted the rights stated at artt. 16-21 GDPR (correction right, right to be forgotten, limitation to processing right, right to data portability, right to consent withdrawal), in addition to the right to file a complaint to Authorities.

International MTC has chosen the email address as specific contact to be used to receive and handle all request regarding right enforcement by data subjects.


The goods and services provided by International MTC are not intended for subjects  under the age of 18; as a consequence, if any personal data regarding an underage person were to be accidentally acquired, International MTC will erase them immediately, upon users’ request.


The personal data can be stored and processed in any of the country where International MTC’s headquarters or branches are located. The data can, consequently, be transferred in countries other than those of residency of the involved subjects, e.g. Italy, Canada, and Australia.

Regarding the transfer of data between the aforementioned countries, adequacy decisions have been made, within the framework of Directive 95/46/CE, which acknowledge a satisfactory level of protection in the different directives on the subject of data safety.