International MTC was founded 25 years ago as an agency for the Oceania and Asia market and, over the years, it has collaborated with some of the most important companies in the ceramic district of Sassuolo (MO).
The evolution of the market in Australia, which took place in the early 2000s, made us choose a different direction oriented more to the trading of Chinese products than to representation activities, concentrating our efforts on the Australian and New Zealand market first, and then opening the doors to the Canadian market in 2006.
The representation activity thus became marginal until 2014, when the office opened in Sydney.
Thanks to the presence of a resident, International MTC returns to work as an agent for companies in the Sassuolo area and gives a further acceleration with the presence of a second resident in Melbourne, from 2016.

At the beginning of 2020 International MTC, thanks to the new company structure, undertook a path of radical innovation, seeing in customers the need for change and in the market the need to act differently from the past.
Attempting to sell with samples made by retailers and distributors alone cannot be the future of this sector, and, in addition to this, we at International MTC believe that there are some indispensable factors to be successful in the market in which we operate:

– presence in the territory through resident agents
– the use of technology for the promotion of products, the search for new leads and new sales channels

Today, International MTC operates as an agency with two proprietary partners residing in Australia one agent residing in Canada and the assistance  from the office in Italy with four commercial sales support, as well as using the most advanced marketing tools, such as Salesforce, the world’s number 1 CRM, and Pardot, the best Email Marketing Automation platform.

Australia and New Zealand import 69% of ceramic products from China and 9% from Italy, and thanks to the trading of Chinese products International MTC has about 80 customers.
This has been and still is a very important driving force to put the Made in Italy product in an otherwise reticent market.