What's different when you work with us

For 25 years, International MTC has been supplying floor and wall tiles in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Thanks to its head office in Italy, a logistics office in China, the presence of two agents resident in Australia and an agent in Canada, it offers its customers a top level service.

The increasingly competitive market and the proximity of China to Australia have exasperated competition, making people believe that what matters is only the cost of the product.

We do not believe that this is the case. In fact, offering customers the solution to problems through excellent service is our goal, because today making a difference on the product is a utopia.

We at International MTC make the difference on the service, also thanks to the use of the latest web technologies available. This, in addition to a network of manufacturers created in 25 years of experience, allows us to be among the most important traders from China to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Our research is also aimed at products from Italy and India, thus offering a wide and always updated range of products with the most advanced technologies available and our will is to create a partnership with our customers, face with them the small daily challenges and win them together, because customer satisfaction is ours.

In addition, the choice to maintain our headquarters in Italy is largely rewarded by a wonderful service and dedication to work. Our staff has been with us for an average of 18 years and their knowledge and dedication are available to the customer every day.

To all this we add the desire to smile, having fun doing our job, trying to involve our customers in this by showing our being Made in Italy.





Who we are

Stefano Mammi


Roberto Alzari

Technical sales agent

Alessandra Gibellini

Customer Care Australia (New South Wales) and Canada

Anna Roncaglia

Customer Care Australia (Queensland, Western Australia)

Roberta Mazzi

Customer Care Australia (Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania) and New Zealand, French Polinesia, New Caledonia

Laura Paltrinieri

Customer Care Australia (Victoria) and Marketing

Monica Fregni

Accounting Department